Three Signs That Your Pet May Have a Toothache in Barnegat, NJ

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Veterinarians

Your dog can’t walk up to you and tell you that he has a toothache like your child can. However, he can show signs and symptoms that might alert you to what’s happening. These are three signs that your dog might have pain associated with a tooth infection.

Constant Whining

Your dog may not be able to formulate words, but he can mimic some of the same sounds that people can make when they’re in pain. You may want to consider taking your dog to Veterinary Associates if you notice that he’s whining a lot. It could mean that his tooth is bothering him.

Lack of Appetite

Your dog might not enjoy eating hard foods if he’s suffering from a tooth infection. He could also lose the desire to eat because of a fever. Pay close attention to his eating habits and take action at Veterinary in Barnegat, NJ, if you notice anything strange.

Loss of Playfulness

Another key sign that your dog might need Veterinary in Barnegat, NJ, is a loss of playfulness. You can assume that you should take him to see Veterinary Associates if he’s normally a lively dog who now spends a lot of time lying around with a sad expression.

Your dog may be suffering from a toothache if you notice some or all of those symptoms. You can also look for physical signs of an infection such as redness or swelling of the gums.

Contact Veterinary Associates to schedule an appointment for help with your dog if you think he has an infected tooth.

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