3 Benefits of Owning a Customizable Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Fireplace Store

Few things add to the warmth of a home like a cozy fire, and a beautiful fireplace easily becomes the focal point of any room. A low maintenance fireplace, set behind glass, is an aesthetically appealing, modern addition to any home’s décor. Read on to see the advantages to owning a direct vent gas fireplace.

No Chimney Required

Direct vent gas fireplaces pull in outside air for combustion. The air comes into a completely enclosed, glass box to start the fire, and then exhaust fumes are sent back outside through a pipe. No air from the inside is used for combustion, and the ventilation process can be done through a wall, which means no chimney is required.

Aesthetically Appealing

Gas fireplaces offer both a modern design and the appeal of a traditional wood-burning fire. Available in different sizes, gas fireplaces are decorated in a trim that perfectly fits any décor. They can be placed almost anywhere in a room and can be designed with traditional wood logs or a modern glass media set.

Energy Efficient

Because direct vent fireplaces are installed through a wall and completely enclosed, no heat is lost. These fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere in a room and can often be controlled remotely to adjust the size of the flames and the amount of heat coming from the fire, which means greater energy efficiency.

See for Yourself

Call today to see how an aesthetically pleasing and customizable fireplace can add warmth and beauty to your home.

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