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Caring for a loved one at home is easier when you have the correct equipment and supplies. Using quality home medical equipment is safer, more convenient, and provides the best possible solution for the health needs of the patient.

There are different places to buy hospital-quality home medical equipment. Before making a purchase, there are four important factors to consider. Taking the time to review the equipment and to consult with a doctor or home healthcare provider helps to prevent making the wrong decisions.

Brand and Model Recommendations

For large purchases, including wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, lifts, power lift chairs and other similar items, ask for recommendations from medical and healthcare staff. Always choose top brands and look for highly rated models, features, and options on the equipment.

Rental or Purchase Options

In many cases, the rental of home medical equipment is a cost-effective option. Large items like wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, and similar equipment may be rented or purchased from top online suppliers. Compare pricing and choose the option that works for your budget.

Insurance Coverage

Check with the health insurance provider to determine if medical equipment is covered in part or completely by the policy. There may be limits and caps on specific types of equipment depending on the type of healthcare insurance coverage in place.

Delivery Options

Not all suppliers of medical equipment for home use offer free shipping and delivery. Always check the details on shipping as this can add considerably to the purchase or rental cost.