Finding Care Options for Your Elderly Family Members Whether at Home or Away

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Assisted Living

If you have an elderly family member, then you know that your loved one might need a little care at home. Sometimes, the care that you provide isn’t accommodating enough for the person’s needs. Fortunately, there are options for elderly care in Sebastian, FL, that provide the needs of people who are in this situation.

Independent and Assisted Living

These living situations are similar to each other but still have their differences. In an independent living community, there are several people who are the same age who live in a small neighborhood. Most of the homes are close together. Everyone can talk to each other and provide support. The main difference between this and assisted living is that each person has their own home and space. An assisted living facility allows residents to live as they want with little to no care provided unless it’s needed. There are private and shared rooms in the facility, allowing residents to keep many of their belongings so that they feel comfortable and like they are still at home.

Nursing Home

A nursing home is an option to consider as one of the types of elderly care in Sebastian, FL, if your family member needs detailed attention. Most nursing homes have staff around the clock who can provide personal and medical care when needed. Medications are given, therapy sessions are provided when needed, and assistance is offered for everything from bathing to eating.

Care at Home

If your family member can still maintain independence and doesn’t want to go to a facility right away, then consider getting additional help from an in-home care agency. Someone can provide care when it’s needed or every day. Some of the services that are often provided include companion care, help with bathing, and making sure your family member is safe while at home.

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