Here Are Some Benefits of Pet Ownership for Seniors to Think About

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Assisted Living

There are some things to watch out for, but pet ownership can be a huge benefit for older adults, whether they live in senior care facilities in Kissimmee, FL, or independently anywhere in the country.

Pets Keep You Hopping

It varies by companion animal, but keeping a pet can increase your activity level. Not surprisingly, dog ownership has the biggest effect, since canine friends need daily walks. But regular play with other animals can also increase activity.

Pets Keep Your Schedule Regular

No matter what kind of pet you have, you will have certain responsibilities. They’ll need feeding, and their habitat will require cleaning. Most pets require grooming, exercise, or play. These things can be the foundation of routines around your own care – 7 am can be when you feed the cat and take your own medication, for example.

Pet care also provides a sense of purpose often lost in retirement. Taking on new responsibilities can help fill that gap.

Pets Improve Your Physical Well-being

Multiple studies show that owning an animal can have remarkable positive physical effects. People with pets report lower stress levels and blood pressure scores. Surveys also show that people enjoy better sleep, feel more loved, act more sociably, and think less about their aches and pains with an animal around.

Caution: Pets Can be Expensive

It’s important for seniors on fixed incomes to consider their animal care budget. Dog ownership can be expensive – especially if veterinary issues arise. If you’re a senior, you should carefully evaluate your means and the average costs associated with various animals before choosing a pet.

Across the country, programs are developing to offset pet ownership cost for seniors; humane societies can usually provide details.

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