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Knowing when your washer needs repairs can be difficult because the appliance is self-contained and located in a hidden area of your house. Here are three signs that your washer needs repairs by a qualified technician.

Ripped Clothes

One of the most obvious signs that your washer needs repairs I finding ripped and shredded clothing in the drum after running the cycle. Typically, this indicates that part of the agitator is broken or a sharp object is stuck under the agitator. A technician who specializes in washer repair in Murrieta, CA, takes apart the drum and finds the problem.

The Drum Doesn’t Fill with Water or Drain

If you start the wash cycle and no water goes into the drum or if the water does not drain before the rinse cycle, the hoses that are connected to your washer may be clogged. A technician takes apart the machine and remedies the clog or replaces the hoses.

Rattling, Shaking, and Loud Noises

Your washing machine should run quietly. Normally the only time it will shake is when the load is off balance. If you adjust the load of clothes and the machine continues to shake and make noises, it’s time for washer repair in Murrieta, CA. A part or belt may be damaged inside the unit.

Where to Find Washer Repair in Murrieta, CA

Action Appliance & Mattress specializes in household appliance repairs. If your washer is acting up, call them to schedule an appointment with one of the expert technicians. You can also visit their website at