Sylvia Brooks’s Heart Warming Jazz Voice With a True California Inspiration

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Arts & Entertainment

This Talented Jazz Singer Hits Charts

Sylvia Brooks has been expressing her love for the performing arts for a long time. This is why she is one of the most successful singers in California. She has an interesting background in musical theater that allowed her to project an irreplaceable performing style. Sylvia’s love for singing smooth jazz wasn’t always as direct and obvious. She had to engage in various performing outlets to become the professional artist that she is today. Keep reading for more information about Sylvia Brooks.
Her Dedication to Her Music

Sylvia is very dedicated to her music. This is why she is one of the best American jazz singers. She sings classic tunes that her jazz audience is familiar with. The singer is also decided to expressing her creativity even more by writing her own music. This has allowed her to show-off her individualized experiences and musical style. Her fans are now able to learn about her through her music even more.

Sylvia’s road to becoming one of the greatest American jazz singers was also inspired by her father’s strong commitment to the world of jazz. He was a very talented jazz musician that had a true passion for the genre. Here is a list of some of the radio stations that Sylvia’s voice has reached.

• WEAA- Baltimore, MD

• WPRB- Princeton, NJ

• WWUH- West Hartford, CT

• KBEM- Minneapolis, MN

• KUSD- South Dakota Network

• WBAA- Purdue, IN

• WGVU- Grand Rapids, MI

• WWSP- Stevens Point, WI

• KJAZZ- Phoenix, AZ

• KAOS Olympia, WA

• WCLK Atlanta, GA

• KAZI- Austin, TX

Listen to this Wonderful Artist Today

You can listen also listen to Sylvia Brooks on Spotify. You can even get opportunities to hear about her interviews and other endeavors as a successful musician. This information could be accessed on some of the radio stations that were previously listed.

Dedicated jazz artists are capable of making a connection with their fans that they can share for generations. Let Sylvia Brook’s story inspire you to love the world of jazz too.

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