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When you hear the phrase “voice over recording studio,” you may immediately have a preconceived notion about the types of services provided by the studio. Typically, voice-over recording studios bring to mind images of Hollywood and actors providing voice-over work for animation. While that can be true, a voice-over recording studio in Los Angeles, CA, can offer a variety of services beyond animation.

Mixing and Mastering Services

Mixing and mastering is a service that involves refining the sound of music. A good voice over recording studio in Los Angeles will be able to provide the most up-to-date technology that can take music to a far more professional level. In addition to musicians, mixing and mastering services can be beneficial for anyone putting soundtracks to homemade videos.

Voice Over Services

Voice over services do include work for Hollywood but also includes using technology to place a voice over other types of media. Voice over services can be beneficial to people creating video games, radio productions and audiobooks. If you trying to get your own podcast off the ground, voice-over services can also help you.

Vocal Tuning and Editing

Voice over companies use products such as Auto-Tune and Revoice Pro to help make sure that vocal tracks are able to be as smooth as possible. Typical corrections include fixing pitch, adding backup vocals, and rhythm corrections. If you are looking to add a fun vocal effect, such as a robotic sound to a voice, for a project, the vocal editing services can help you.

Bonzirecording Production Company is a voice-over recording studio in Los Angeles, CA, and can be contacted at their website.