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When most people think of Jazz, they probably think of New Orleans and with good reason. New Orleans, with all its vivacious character and strength of spirit is the birthplace of this historically iconic genre. Since, the United States possesses a literal melting pot as a cultural foundation most of its history has come with it on the backs of individuals from all over the world. While Jazz may certainly have aspects of global inspiration it is a creative artform born of innovation, courage, and creativity. Making it one of the most influential genres of music to ever grace the ears of humans both past and present.

Jazz Brings People Together from All Walks of Life

This somewhat rebellious musical genre accomplished the unthinkable for its time, bringing people together from all walks of life in a harmony not commonly experienced. While it has all the elements of traditional music; a melody, harmony and rhythm Jazz goes where other musical genres dare not tread, improvisation. Perhaps the most beautiful aspects of Jazz come from this trait as its basis is one created a foundation of soulful expression and freedom. A true American artform, Jazz music might seem to have fallen by the wayside however it is still alive and well today.

Experience Modern Day Jazz for Yourself

When compared to classical music Jazz is certainly a more authentic expression of the two. Where each individual is encouraged and celebrated in their personal musical expression. In a world where we are taught to wrap ourselves uptight, Jazz encourages you to let go. Whether you are listening and dancing or playing it yourself, Jazz allows you to express yourself in a manner that not only uplifts others but provides a sense a personal freedom that is arguably unmatched. With modern technology you can experience some of the best female jazz vocalists in the world today. Sylvia Brooks out of Los Angeles, CA for example has a plethora of listening options for you to enjoy including full albums and singles. Be sure to check out her website to learn more, and start enjoying your journey into Jazz today.

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