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If you have a fireplace in your home, then you know that it can offer several benefits ranging from warmth in the winter to beautiful detail in the room. One way to complete your fireplace is with a mantel. Here are a few tips for choosing fire mantels Salt Lake City UT stores sell so that the end product coordinates with the design and materials of your fireplace.


One of the details to keep in mind is making sure there’s proper clearance between the mantel and the wall. Most mantels have to be about six inches all around so that they don’t get too hot from the fireplace and so that they are easy to remove in the event of an emergency.


Consider the size of fire mantels Salt Lake City UT stores offer you want to get one that has the space that you desire for decorations without choosing one that’s too big for the overall design. Position a piece of wood or another flat surface over the fireplace before you purchase a mantel so that you have a better idea for the measurements that you need.


With the large selection of materials that are available for mantels, you need to consider what would look best with the materials of the fireplace. You don’t have to choose a mantel that is made with the same ones. You could get a mantel made of wood to accent a brick fireplace. Metal is a modern design option to consider if you want to create a sophisticated look in the room.

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