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A fireplace in your home can add beauty, warmth as well as that added feeling of comfort. A direct vent gas fireplace could be the right choice for you because you can have all of the above without having to supply the logs or clean out the fireplace.

Quality Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is key at Kozy Fireplaces. Hand assembly is used for the gas components to help ensure safety as well as the finest production. What started as a means to keep a workshop warm has become one of the most respected gas fireplace manufacturers in the country.

Choice of Logs

The Bayport 41 direct vent gas fireplace has the option of glass media, or the log set or birch log set for a more traditional look. Specs and photos are available to get a better idea of your choices. The same log types are available in the Bayport 36 model.

Why Direct Vent

Efficiency and cleanliness are two reasons to make an investment in a direct vent gas fireplace. Either propane or natural gas can be used. They require little maintenance. Two vents will keep the warm air flowing out of the room. The heated air that goes into the room can be spread throughout your home with a fan.

When You Want Beauty and Warmth

A fireplace from Kozy Heat Fireplaces is a charming way to heat your home. Contact Kozy Heat at for more information on how to add a warm touch and value to your property.